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Have you ever tried cutting your hair by yourself ? If you have, you now know that hairdressing is not something to be taken lightly…you can watch videos on Youtube or whatever, you’ll never get the hairdresser quality.

While looking for a hairdresser for me, I also looked for a barbershop, because as a woman, I wanted to see how men get their hair and beard cut.

First let me be clear about something : I really don’t like getting my hair cut. But watching those professional barbers cutting hair seriously made me want to get a short and clean haircut 😀 Maybe I’ll go back to Tomboy style soon !

So relax, take a seat, and let the Andies Barbershop staff care of you.

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andies-barbershop-057    andies-barbershop-004

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andies-barbershop-036    andies-barbershop-037

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andies-barbershop-056     andies-barbershop-054


Hope it made you want to go there !

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